Racer X Paul Gilbert KEMPER PACK

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KEMPER PACK “Racer X Paul Gilbert sounds like”

Artist pack dedicated to Paul Gilbert Racer X (1986-89).
16 kemper rigs ready to Shred!

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Inside the kemper package you will find 16 kemper rigs with special song signature from “Second heat” album:

  • Scarified tone
  • Heart of a lion tone
  • Hammer away tone
  • Sunlit nights tone
  • Moonage daydream tone
  • Lady killer tone
  • Motor man tone
  • Sacrifice tone
  • Gone too far tone
  • Living the hard way tone
  • Rhythm and solo tones from ADAMP1 preamp
  • Profiles were created, tested and played with Fender stratocaster position 2

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A tribute to a fantastic band and guitar hero PAUL GILBERT

INFO AND SUPPORT: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

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