Under the bridge kemper rig

“Under the bridge” Kemper amp rig tones

A song that every guitarist must know and play…and we want to give you for free this “updated” sound with IR taken from one of our packs!

An arpeggio that has marked a generation (indeed, generations) of guitarists! An apparently simple sounding arpeggio but rich in detail. A “light dirty” clean, which changes according to the touch and pickups used.
In the video a single coil (position 4) was used.
A clean sound that I personally would use in many contexts, from pop to funk, always very preset in the mix but without disturbing the presence of other rhythmic instruments.

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Awesome rock-metal guitarist

He is the guitar player for:
James Labrie (Dream Theater),

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Amazing shred rock guitarist

He is the guitar player for:
Renato Zero
Eros Ramazzotti
Fiorella Mannoia

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Fantastic pop rock guitarist

He is the guitar player for:
Brit Floyd
The Classic Rock Show

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