who’s the best? Comparison Lead tones JCM 800 Kemper Amp Pod Go Headrush

Comparison Lead tones JCM 800 Kemper Amp Pod Go Headrush

who’s the best?  by Liveplayrock


Hi everyone!
after years of profiling and creating guitar tones for digital pedalboards, we started enjoying playing and comparing (just for fun and comparison) the tones of famous amps and how they sound on various digital devices.

In this video we compare the rock sound of the famous Marshall JCM 800, inserting the tone into the mix of an instrumental rock song.
We used 3 different devices for this test.

With Kemper Amp, we used a profiling of a Marshall Jcm 800 50w amplifier, obviously extracted from our Jcm 800 Liveplayrock pack.

With Pod Go and with Headrush we used the modelers inside the devices, combining it with a Liveplayrock Vintage 30 IR impulse response.

Here you can find the direct links to the packs of the various devices from which the single sounds of the video comparison have been extrapolated:

Jcm 800 Kemper Amp pack: https://www.liveplayrock.com/downloads/jcm-800-50w-kemper-amp-profiling-pack/

Jcm 800 Pod GO pack: https://www.liveplayrock.com/downloads/jcm-800-pod-go/

Jcm 800 Headrush pack: https://www.liveplayrock.com/downloads/jcm-800-headrush/

Impulses Response Vintage 30 IR pack: https://www.liveplayrock.com/downloads/ir-pack-celestion-vintage-v30-g12/


video test: