Working with YouTube 2020

Working with YouTube 2020

Working with

YouTube 2020

After 15 years from the first step of You Tube on the web, many professionals (and others) have made their way into the digital world, opening new businesses and creating new professions and jobs!

You Tuber has become a well-established and accepted profession, full of unexpected regulations and bets, but with solid principles to be trusted to see its online business grow constantly like You Tuber!

Work with YouTube today

The basis to start working with YouTube today is:

  • OPEN a YouTube Channel
  • Join the Youtube PARTNERSHIP program (online registration)
  • Reach 1,000 MEMBERS
  • Reach 4,000 HOURS of annual viewing

If you have reached these steps, you can start working online today with the You Tube channel!

Monetize video

You can start the monetization of the videos on your channel, that is to start to generate profits (income, money) with the advertisements that the advertisers will put before, after and / or during the video you published!

To really generate solid revenues, you will need hard work made of:

  • CONSTANCE in video publishing,
  • MOUNTING and EDITING effective videos (which don’t make you skip after 20 seconds),
  • External or internal LINKS to make browsing for users interactive and smart,
  • COLLABORATIONS with similar channels to grow faster and in a more fun and functional way !,
  • develop an EDITORIAL PLAN, possibly have a WEB SITE,
  • Continuous research and development of creative IDEAS.

(I open and close a parenthesis)

Since 2005, so many YouTube rules have changed, the approach to directing video has changed and the involvement of people watching YouTube channels as TV channels has increased. Television, even if it has become SmartTv, increasingly connected, must be up to the rules of the Internet, or rather, the tendency of users to want to see what they want, on the device they want, in the moment they want!

When I was a child, if I wanted to see a Bud Spencer film I had to wait for the X day at X hours. Now I can see any movie comfortably where I want and at the time I decide! Precisely for this reason it is important to think about how to involve people who surf on YouTube, and have a real television format!

Every moment is the perfect one to have visualizations and consequently … enter!

What to do now!

Now that you’ve read the base to start working with YouTube, from 2020 promise yourself to publish quality content, content you’re really passionate about in order to pass on your knowledge and motivation to others! Don’t expect easy money, don’t expect random views or the success of Ed Sheeran!

Whether you are a structured business or a private individual who simply wants to get started, take the first step! Go online with the right steps and you will see that passion can really become a source of income.

But at the base remember: PASSION, COMMITMENT and SO MUCH WORK!

The rest will be bar talk!