Thomas Bottaini Mr.T

Thomas Bottaini Mr.T 

Music ProducerGuitarist 

  • – University Degree “Communication strategies” University of Florence
  • – University Degree “media e giornalismo” University of Florence
  • – Modern Guitar Certification
  • – Certification by GOOGLE “Digital Excellence” 
  • – Teaching qualification
  • – Diploma in Advertising graphics

What I’m doing

Pianeta Zero guitarist (Renato Zero tribute band)

Modern guitar teacher at the Buonalaprima Theater

Audio, Video and Graphic productions for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and social media

ecommerce about music in genre

I have more than 500 live concerts as guitarist

I participated as an electric and acoustic guitarist for the production of 6 CDs (from pop to rock, from blues to neoclassical)

I made an instrumental album “ARTYC” in which they also gave their artistic contribution 2 great Italian artists: Fabrizio Bicio Leo (Renato Zero, Eros Ramazzotti …) and Stefano Sebo Xotta. 

and much more

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